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You find yourself at Astrodienst
You find yourself at Astrodienst
You find yourself at Astrodienst
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Edit Data for 'Derrick'

Short Report - Children and Young People
for Derrick , born on 28 September 2001
Text by Robert Hand
Copyright Astrodienst AG 2000
Short Report - Children and Young People

ASTRODIENST suggestion:
Children are passing guests who are asking directions...
Liz Greene's Child Horoscope takes a warm-hearted and gentle look at the evolving personality. Without suffocating the child under a load of expectations, this reading investigates the nature of the child, thus helping parents to become better companions on the long path towards a place in the world. One of our best horoscope readings!
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Sagittarius Rising * Sun in Libra * Sun in the Tenth House * Moon in Aquarius * Moon in the Third House * Venus in Virgo * Venus in the Ninth House * Mars in Capricorn * Mars in the First House

The Data Page

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This report is a short edition of the astrOtext Youth. It is meant as a sample and and advertisement for the full version of the astrOtext Youth which can be ordered from Astrodienst as a bound report of about 20 - 30 pages. In the short edition, only a few, but nevertheless important aspects of your natal chart are considered.

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Sagittarius Rising

You are a very open and outgoing person, quite frank and honest; in fact, you may be blunt to the point of indiscretion. But people who are hurt by the frankness of your remarks feel better when they realize that you really do not intend any harm.

You have a great deal of energy, and you enjoy freedom very much. If you can't direct your own life as much as you want, you feel trapped.

You are likely to be interested in sports and outdoor activities.

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Sun in Libra

You are warm and affectionate, and you enjoy being with people. Yet you are not retiring, in fact, you are quite strong willed and often the person in a group who makes things happen.

You like beautiful things and dislike anything ugly. Your love of beauty does not apply just to yourself. You prefer attractive homes and furnishings, pleasant scenery, and even art and music, in which your tastes may be unusually well developed.

Very often when you have to make a decision, you have great difficulty making up your mind. This is because you see both sides very clearly, and it is hard to choose between them. Your ability to see both sides makes you a very good peacemaker when other people are having an argument, for you can make them see both views also.

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Sun in the Tenth House

You are a person who wants to make great achievements in the world and to be in control of your own destiny. You find it difficult to follow someone else's orders unless you really respect that person. If you apply yourself to your work, you will accomplish a great deal.

However, while you are young, these traits will make it difficult for you to accept other people's authority.

Your relationship with your father is very important. You will be greatly influenced by his ways, although you will occasionally disagree with him and try to rebel.

You want to know what the world is about, what is important in the public eye and what is generally considered significant. Among people of your own age, you will try to be a leader, and your peers will look up to you.

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Moon in Aquarius

You value your freedom very highly and demand the right to do whatever you want at all times.

You like to be with a group of people, especially your friends, because your own ways and desires have more meaning if you can share them with others.

Once you get to the point of feeling at ease with your emotions, you will reveal them quite spontaneously to others, and you may even get impatient with those who try to hide their feelings. You must learn to be tolerant of these and other emotional differences between yourself and other people.

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Moon in the Third House

Your feelings influence your decisions so much that it may be impossible to be objective, unless you make a great effort to be. Yet you have a good understanding of what is right for you and what isn't, and as you grow up you will learn the difference between judging something on emotional whim and judging by real intuition.

On the other hand, you are good at talking about your feelings.

Your habits have a very strong effect on how you think and act. Be careful of prejudices and beliefs that others have taught you.

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Venus in Virgo

You like to do favors for the people you like, because serving is one of the ways that you express love and friendship. The only problem in relationships is that you may believe that people like you for what you do, rather than for what you are. You may underestimate your own worth and not understand why other people like you. Learn to love yourself as well as others.

You have high standards of perfection, but you don't let them overrule your sense of grace and form.

But you must learn not to reject everything and everyone that does not live up to your high standards of beauty or of duty in relationships.

You have a good sense of discipline.

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Venus in the Ninth House

You enjoy any activity that allows you to enlarge your experience. You enjoy traveling to new and different places and learning about ways of thinking that are different from what you know.

You like to relate ideas and concepts to each other through a sense of harmony, because they seem to belong together rather than because they are connected logically. You are attracted only to those ways of thinking that involve human feelings. For you, beauty is a basic part of the world as it should be.

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Mars in Capricorn

For a young person, you are quite ambitious, and you are willing to work very hard for something that is real and important to you. You are practical, rather than idealistic, and you like to work for tangible results. For your age, you are quite disciplined and can take on considerable responsibility.

You can be quite courageous, but you are not willing to fight for any cause unless you see the point of it very clearly. The one danger that you should try to avoid is measuring people's value according to their income or their social prestige.

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Mars in the First House

You are very energetic and self-assertive, and you never retreat from a conflict. In fact, you may even look for a conflict where there is none. Be careful of this tendency, because people will probably dislike you for it.

If you are placed in a position of leadership, which will happen, you will lead very energetically.

You are quite impulsive and extremely restless. However, if you have to work very hard on something that requires a great deal of physical energy, you enjoy it.

Learn to take the time to understand other people's points of view. You tend to see only your own and to become angry when someone challenges your beliefs.

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astrOtext Youth - Short Edition

for Derrick (male)
born on 28 Sep 2001 local time 11:42 am
in Conroe, TX (US) U.T. 17:42
95w27, 30n19 sid. time 11:50:27

Planetary positions
planet sign degree house motion
Sun Libra 0539'42 10 direct
Moon Aquarius 2331'18 03 direct
Mercury Libra 2910'30 11 direct
Venus Virgo 0920'49 09 direct
Mars Capricorn 1112'26 01 direct
Jupiter Cancer 1345'58 07 direct
Saturn Gemini 1458'01 07 stationary (R)
Uranus Aquarius 2119'35 02/3 retrograde
Uranus is technically near the end of house 2 and is interpreted in house 3.
Neptune Aquarius 0605'40 02 retrograde
Pluto Sagittarius 1253'38 12/1 direct
Pluto is technically near the end of house 12 and is interpreted in house 1.
True Node Cancer 0140'08 07 retrograde
House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Sagittarius 1450'02
2nd House Capricorn 1654'21
3rd House Aquarius 2227'24
Imum Coeli Pisces 2723'51
5th House Aries 2729'30
6th House Taurus 2232'18
Descendant Gemini 1450'02
8th House Cancer 1654'21
9th House Leo 2227'24
Medium Coeli Virgo 2723'51
11th House Libra 2729'30
12th House Scorpio 2232'18
Major aspects
Sun Square Mars 533
Sun Trine Neptune 026
Sun Sextile Pluto 714
Moon Trine Mercury 539
Moon Conjunction Uranus 212
Venus Trine Mars 152
Venus Sextile Jupiter 425
Venus Square Saturn 537
Venus Square Pluto 333
Venus Square Ascendant 529
Mars Opposition Jupiter 234
Jupiter Quincunx Pluto 052
Jupiter Quincunx Ascendant 104
Saturn Opposition Pluto 204
Saturn Opposition Ascendant 008
Pluto Conjunction Ascendant 156
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

Copyright ASTRODIENST AG 1996-2001 report a problem